About Community Archives

Discover how meaningful, useful and practical a knowledge of history can be…

Services Offered:

Consulting Services (special packages of consulting services) – for museums and libraries: training for volunteers and staff to strengthen and expand their skills in helping the public; for families and organizations: helping them develop strategies for organizing and preserving documents and photographs.

Family Ancestry  grandparents’ package (training grandchildren to collect interviews and archives, search the internet for information, and write a narrative history of the family). Also, offering customized research for families whose ancestors may have once lived in this region, and then scheduling  guided tours thorough this area…a sure source of tourism dollars!

Institutional Histories – Offering to help collect, organize, write and publish history for clubs, churches, schools and neighborhoods.

Schools and After School Programs – Designing unique and meaningful educational programs to make history come to life for children.

Businesses & Corporations -Offering services in research and writing – to uncover hidden information about buildings, individuals & neighborhoods, and to encourage a greater appreciation for our cultural heritage

College Students – Offering internships and training to young scholars in exchange for assisting us to expand the services we offer.  (i.e. conduct research online and in libraries, teach classes and conduct oral histories, and help with scanning, web design and other technical aspects of creating a digital archive)